First World Clothing Company

Organic cotton clothing that's comfortable and effortless

First World Clothing Company is an innovative Australian clothing company selling organic cotton clothing online. At First World Clothing Company we’re all about creating quality Australian-made clothing that will stand the test of time.

Our aim is to become one of the foundations of a sustainable fashion look that’s subtle, comfortable and effortless. We want you to think about what’s in your wardrobe and consider the clothes you always reach for. We are not about one-off fashion and will never claim to be. We are about everyday style. A style that won’t label where you come from or the year your photo was taken.

We’re not ’80s, ’90s or ’00s! We’re simply about ethical clothing for today and tomorrow. We’re not about a wide range of clothing, rather a narrow range of select garments that look good, feel good and that you turn to again and again. We want our quality organic clothing to be worn every day, with everything. We don’t care if it’s mixed and matched with imported product, we just want to be worn – every day.

Our motto Made Where You Live sums up precisely how we produce our clothing range. Our men’s, women’s, teens’ and kids’ garments are made in Australia by Australian workers paid a decent wage for producing a quality product. Yes, our garments cost more to produce but they’re naturally 100 percent fair trade clothing and we keep costs down by selling online only.

Unlike other Australian clothing brands, we don’t claim to be cheap – we’re not trying to be – but we do claim to produce ethical affordable clothing. That’s what we’re all about. When you buy First World Clothing garments, you buy quality sweatshop-free clothing for a fair price.

Our range of tops and bottoms is made where you – our Australian customers – live. Unlike many other Australian clothing brands, First World Clothing believes in Australian sustainable clothing for a sustainable fashion industry. From our perspective, cheap clothing usually doesn’t mean quality clothing and it almost never means ethical clothing. Going offshore chasing profit margins is not what we’re about. We believe it’s time to come back onshore, make ethical clothing here and guarantee you know where your clothes come from.

Our Australian clothing company works with manufacturers across Australia and we’re liaising with Ethical Clothing Australia to receive their certification. Australia imports more than $1-billion in clothing and shoes every year. We believe there is a place in the market for everyone and that everyone should buy at least one Australia-made product each year.

Follow our news blog to keep track of our fair trade clothing company or check out our frequently asked questions. And you can always contact us if you’d like to know more about what we stand for and why we do what we do.

Buy from First World Clothing Company because it’s good for Australia and that means it’s good for you.